You provide the date and location of your event and ViViD does the rest. Using photography tech, ViViD assesses the space for your show and selects the appropriate fireworks for your event. Each show is customized for your unique venue space. All products are assembled together into your ViViD show in a box and electrically connected to a remote firing system. All the work is pre-done at ViViD HQ, sealed in the box, and hand delivered to your event by your ViViD Tech. Your ViViD Tech will handle everything from there for total peace of mind and convenience while you enjoy your special event.

Show duration ranges between 6 and 8 minutes. Timing is determined by the types of fireworks selected as the most safe and appropriate for each venue space. It is for this reason that show duration has a range. Most importantly, we work our hardest to give you the longest lasting, best looking show with no dark sky.

Sure. We can work with you to customize your show and extend the duration with additional ViViD boxes as desired.

Not always, but it depends on where your event takes place. Once you provide your event details, we will confirm it. If required, ViViD secures any required permits for you to cover your event. That’s included in the price. Awesome!

Each ViViD show provides $2 million general liability fireworks insurance and we’ll cover up to 3 additional parties for your event.  That’s included in the price!  If you need 4 or more additional insured parties covered for your event, just let us know.  An additional cost may be required and we’ll let you know up front.

Our company started in the Southeast region, but we’re slowly expanding across the USA.  Our amazing customers are asking us to provide our service in many new places.  Just give us a call if you have a request and we’ll let you know.

No, but we totally recommend it! When you order multiple ViViD boxes we design and choreograph them to be displayed simultaneously for amazing show production, excitement, and beauty. If you ask your ViViD Tech to shoot them separately, well… it’s just not as cool.

After the show, your ViViD Tech will take away the boxes and pick up any obvious paper or debris. With ViViD it’s pretty fast and easy. That said, a lot of paper discs are used in the making of fireworks. We’ll do our best to pick them up in the dark, but to be honest we’ll miss some. If we’re not shooting on your own property, let your event venue know that a small quantity of debris may be found in the morning.

With ViViD it’s really easy! Only about :15 minutes depending on the quantity of boxes you purchased for your event. However, we strive to be more than ready to ensure everything is perfect for your show. If you see us placing your ViViD boxes earlier than that, it’s just us being perfectionists.

Don’t tell anyone, but we’re working on some new technology to help with that.  Yes, soon you can do that!

He does all the work for you, so you just enjoy. You won’t even know he’s there because our mantra is to add serious pizzazz and entertainment while being as discreet and invisible as possible. BTW he’s also a licensed fireworks professional in your state. He’s good!

Not necessarily, but it depends on your event location. There are a few types of potential extras.  Travel and delivery cost based on the distance to your event.  Extra permit fees may be required if you’re planning your ViViD show in certain places like inside big city limits.  An additional service charge may be required if an event venue has several property owners that need to be coordinated and insured.  We’ll identify these costs up front so you can decide if you want to proceed.